Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wallpaper Wednesday: 'Little Whales' by Pottok Prints

This wallpaper called 'Little Whales' by Pottok Prints would have to be one of my all time favourites. Graphic, whimsical and fun - the design comes in three colourways and though it obviously works fabulously in a bathroom or wet area, it would also be great to see in a family area or kid's room! 

Images via here and here

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Wellington Curtain Bank

You know that we love to spend our time finding great options for your new window treatments, but spare a thought for the drapes that are being replaced - often fine condition wise, just in need of an update - did you know you can donate them to a very worthy Wellington cause?

The Wellington Curtain Bank is run by the not-for-profit organisation, Sustainability Trust. Their hard working team professionally tailors pre-loved curtains and donates them to low-income Wellington households, for free!

Every family deserves to be in a snug, warm, draught free home - particularly over winter, and this is a great way to help that cause.

Jump to the website here for more information, or drop in to see them at 2 Forresters Lane off Tory Street.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Contemporary Shower Curtains - Ferm Living

Over the years we have encountered many a client desperate to find a cool shower curtain - it just seems to be one of those items where the options in little old NZ are so limited!

Well how about checking out these curtain designs from one of our favourite homeware companies, Ferm Living. Their fresh, clean, graphic style fits so well in a crisp, clean bathroom. Talk about soaping up in style!

Friday, 26 September 2014

The Finishing Touches - A Restaurant Project

Katie's putting the finishing touches on a really fun commercial project this week - this is where the real fun begins; putting together a great palette of materials and textures! Watch this space for more sneak peeks in the coming weeks...

Feature Fabric Friday: 'Dynasty' Collection by Mokum

Fresh from Mokum is their latest orient inspired collection called 'Dynasty' - a lovely grouping of fabrics with a subtle infusion of 'east meets west' style to suit a range of classic, luxury interiors; including luscious velvets, silks and weaves. Pop on in to discuss sampling if this is your kind of vibe!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Oh Hello There!

Check out these great doormats from Don't Be A Doormat - get yourself a quirky greeting for your guests! And all hand made by a Kiwi company to boot. We love that!

'Dontbeadoormat' is all about creating fun, quirky and playful doormat greetings to really make your visitors feel loved and welcome when turning up on your doorstep.'

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Wallpaper Wednesday: 'Claesson Koivisto Rune' by Eco

This wee book of gloriousness slid across the studio desk last week - it features a whole host of perfectly refined Scandi inspired patterns with subtle and balanced colour palettes, true to form for the Swedish company behind all of the Eco wallpaper ranges on the market today.

Yes, we love our brightly coloured, crazy wallpaper designs with a passion - but there are equally very specific times where a bit of restraint is called for, and these wallpapers fit the bill perfectly. Speak to us today if you think you have just the spot for one of these beauties!

Images via

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

In the Studio: Tangerine Dream

Here's a chair in progress from a week or two ago - upholstered in Warwick 'Tangent' colour leaf, and piped in Warwick 'Mystic' tangerine. Such a fabulous combo, and an affordable one too! Both of these fabrics are $38 per metre, a really great, cost effective way to revive a tired piece of furniture.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Design Crush: Emily Henderson

As designers we are all influenced by our close peers and workmates, as well as fellow designers further afield via the wonderful worlds of Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. I absolutely love it when I stumble across a designer whose style and personality is totally on my wavelength!

My absolute favourite design crush at the moment is stylist and designer Emily Henderson. Her work is bursting with colour, with layering, with texture and with the perfect amount of vintage vs. contemporary with some quirkiness thrown in. And to top it off, this girl knows how to STYLE. (I have a thing for styling bedsides and mantels, and Emily is so good at it she could write a book...!).

Head over here to her blog to keep up to date with her projects and very busy lifestyle. I've also included a very neat video for Domino Magazine which sums up her personality and design style pretty darn well.



Friday, 19 September 2014

Feature Fabric Friday: Italian Gardens Collection

Fresh and new this month from Charles Parsons is the Italian Gardens Collection. It's a divine range of traditional prints for drapery and accessory use, with a great Sanderson like feel to it but without the price-tag, so a really affordable way to get a gorgeous, classic, long lasting botanical look for your character home.

See something you like? Speak to us today!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

One from the Archives: A Furry Project

When esdesign was first born in Thorndon nearly ten years ago, we had a special sewing machine for making rugs out of sheepskin. On hearing this we were approached by a lovely elderly chap with a special request; to sew a multitude of vintage rabbit furs into a large bed quilt!

No matter your thoughts on animal products these days, these furs that had been stored for half a century were put to a much better use as Eleanor and I sewed and patched these beautiful pelts together until we couldn't see for the mist of fur in the air and up our noses! Once the cover was completed, it was backed and edged with a beautiful soft faux suede, however Eleanor and I declared, 'Never again!' as we were cleaning up fur for months on end. Oh the things you do when starting out in business!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wallpaper Wednesday: 'Peggy' from Mini Moderns

The 'It' material of the moment in the design world is pegboard. This good old garage wall paneling is enjoying a total resurgence, finding it's way into kids rooms and family areas, as well as items of furniture. You may have even seen it featuring on 'The Block NZ' last week!

If it has taken your fancy like it has ours, take a peek at this great new wallpaper from Mini Moderns called 'Peggy'. It comes in a great range of colours, capable of creating that classic pegboard look on just about any surface you like!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New Ribbon Stripe Lampshades

We've just had this adorable pair of lampshades custom made for a client of ours - she has very limited space on her bedside tables so we specified this unusual, elliptical shape to maximise that gorgeous stripe, but minimise the space they take up. The fabric is a multi-stripe ribbon weave called 'Sapphira' by Harlequin!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Meet us on Pinterest!

Pinterest has transformed the way we interact with many of our clients - when we first meet up with new clients we generally suggest that they come along prepared with images of the things they love, loathe...  or the look that they might be aspiring to have but have no idea how to achieve. And now Pinterest makes it so much easier! Just sign up, start an inspiration board for your home and share it with esdesign and we can instantly get inside your head. It's all about speeding things up and ultimately making the process even easier for you!

We also pin - A LOT - just because we wanna! Things that we love, that inspire us, that often act as precedent for many of our designs. So if design inspiration is your thing (or inspiration in any form for that matter) sign up and follow us here, here, and here!

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